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LED Screen Installs & Sales

LED Product knowledge, experience & know-how

Turnkey Digital Signage and LED Screen installation solutions. Indoor & Outdoor LED screen displays.
Permits – Supply – Fabrication – Installation – Content Management – Service & Maintenance.

Oi LED offers innovative LED screen display solutions for:

·         Advertising Signage – Billboards, Branding, Shopfront

·         Corporate – Foyer, Reception, Boardroom, Video Conferencing, Meeting/Training/Media room, Creative displays.

·         Property / Real Estate – Property marketing, Sales Suite, temporary or permanent digital sales signage.

·         Retail – Branding, Shopfront, in window, product display, service counter, creative displays

·         Shopping Centre – Pylon sign, food court, directional, car park, artistic installation

·         Entertainment – Pubs/Clubs big screen, Gaming, Home Cinema

·         Education – Entrance, Directional, Sporting facility scoreboard/video screen, Auditorium, Theatre/Stage

·         Control/Security – Transport monitoring, Security monitoring, Emergency operations

·         Media – set design, reception, outside broadcast, mobile, activation/promotion

·         Automotive – pylon sign, showroom displays, product launches, window displays, reception.

·         Government – Transport, Emergency Operations, Entertainment precinct/facilities

·         Stadium – scoreboard/video screen, perimeter, advertising

LED Screen Solutions

Customised LED Screen solutions for all applications
Oi LED Screen Billboard


Advertising revenue and added value to your property

transparent LED


Bring your shopfront to life with Transparent LED

Oi LED Screen Pylon Sign

Pylon Sign

Not just branding - it's a sign that sells.

Oi LED Screen Pole Signs

Pole Sign

Convert Static Sign to LED Advertising Sign that works day & night.

Oi LED Screen Wall Signs

Wall Sign

Transform blank wall space into dynamic LED advertising space

Oi LED Screen Shopfront

In Window/Shopfront

Turn windows into advertising signs without sacrificing the view

Oi LED Screen Score Board

Score Board/Perimeter

Electronic Scoreboards, LIVE video screen & sponsor signage

Oi LED Screen Awning Signs

Awning Sign

Convert passing pedestrians into customers



LED Screens for education precincts and schools

Oi LED Screen Entertainment

Venues/Video Walls

LED video walls for venues & entertainment

Oi LED Big Screen Oi13 Trailer Screen


LED Sign solutions that move with you

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LED Products

Explore ourLED products available for integration into your solution - ASK US FOR ADVICE!

P4 - 4mm SMD Full Colour

Pixel Density – 62,500/m2

Brightness – 5,000 Nit


P5 - 5mm SMD Full Colour

Pixel Density – 40,000/m2

Brightness – 6,000 Nit


P6 - 6mm SMD Full Colour

Pixel Density – 27,777/m2

Brightness – 6,500 Nit


P8 - 8mm SMD Full Colour

Pixel Density – 15,625/m2

Brightness – 6,500 Nit


P8 - 8mm DIP Full Colour

Pixel Density – 15,625/m2

Brightness – 7,500 Nit


P10 - 10mm DIP Full Colour

Pixel Density – 5,500/m2

Brightness – 8,500 Nit


P16 - 16mm DIP Full Colour

Pixel Density – 3,906/m2

Brightness – 8,500 Nit

Oi LED P5-7 Transparent

P5/7 - 5mm/7mm Transparent Full Colour

Pixel Density – 3,906/m2

Brightness – 5,500 Nit



What is Pixel Pitch?

Pixel pitch is the distance from the centre of an LED cluster (or pixel) to the centre of the next LED cluster (or pixel) measured in millimetres. Selecting the right pixel pitch to suit the application is essential to the resolution quality  of your LED display. The right pixel pitch relates primarily to the physical size of your LED display, environment and viewing distance. There are a number of factors to be considered including price, which can vary considerably. Use the images above to guide you through the different pixel pitch sizes available.


These acronyms stand for Dual In-line Package (DIP) and Surface Mount Device (SMD)
* DIP is characterised by a cluster of RGB diodes to make up a pixel. DIP diodes are typically larger and generate higher brightness. The smallest DIP product Oi LED supplies is 8mm pitch, anything smaller than 8mm becomes impossible to fit the 3 diodes in the required space. The images above provide examples of the DIP technology
* SMD technology is a single bulb or casing with 3 tiny RGB diodes within the casing, not visible to the naked eye. SMD technology has driven the miniaturisation of LED’s to allow much higher resolutions (smaller pixel pitch) and increased pixel density. Again, the images above provide examples of SMD technology.

Selecting the right product for you

We have just covered some basic product knowledge when it comes to LED. Ultimately each project requires a professional audit to ensure the correct product is installed for you. If you are considering purchasing LED signage please contact our experts for an obligation free quote and site audit.

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