Somerset College

The future of learning – Install for Somerset College

We recently completed an install for Somerset College on the Gold Coast. Our friends at Somerset College have hired our LED screens in the past for events, and having used this technology before they decided LED was something they could use on a daily basis. The college has recently completed construction on a new educational wing, so what better place to put a state of the LED screen. But how do you get a screen that is clear enough to display small fonts, bright enough to be seen throughout the day and robust enough to endure the Queensland outdoors….Oi-LED put together a new product that will do it all.

Our new outdoor TV is just under 4sqm of 2.5mm front service LED. To get down to a 2.5mm pixel pitch we had to sacrifice on the modules IP rating, so to ensure it was still suitable for outdoor use the screen sits inside an IP65 rated custom case designed to mount flush to the wall – just like your home TV. The screen was then patched into a component rack where the Novastar scaler controls all the video content that can all be operated remotely.

This product is the perfect solution for close distance outdoor digital messaging, so if you need to communicate educational messages or create high impact advertising for your retail space this new product is for you. Contact us today and let us put together some options for your business.

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