Oi LED Shopfront Transparent LED Tsiknaris

Transparent LED Screen Testing

Check out the latest in LED technology – one of Australia’s first transparent LED shopfronts. The prestigious Tsiknaris Hair set us a task to update their shopfront by making a statement, and we sure have managed that. This screen is what they call “Transparent LED'” so from the front it looks like a solid LED screen, but from the rear it maintains 70% transparency enabling any shop to maintain their view and natural light. The technology uses LED strips similar to a Venetian blind and not like other screens has a pixel pitch of 5mm x 7mm. This requires a bit of tricky content processing and in the test video below we demonstrate how our software can run a full screen video vs a combination of full screen and static images. The video below shows the complete custom shopfront set up in our warehouse for testing – the product has since been installed, so stay tuned for an update coming soon.

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