Tsiknaris Transparent LED Screen Install

Transparent LED Shopfront @ Tsiknaris Hair

Earlier this year Oi-LED completed this eye catching job for Tsiknaris Hair in Newfarm. Bill, the owner of this prestigious salon came to  us with a concept, he wanted an LED display solution that would make a statement, while maintaining the classy appearance of his shopfront. We thought this new Transparent LED technology would look great, stand out, create a statement and utilise the glass frontage of the Tsiknaris shop front – and we were right. This unique LED install was custom built to fit Bill’s shopfront to the millimetre, and we can all agree that this hair salon now makes a statement that’s representative of the high end service and style offered by the Tsiknaris team. This is nearly 10m2 of transparent LED screen in a P5/P7 pixel pitch configuration, this means the horizontal pitch is 5mm and the vertical pitch is 7mm. The technology is designed similar to that of a Venetian Blind, from the front you get what appears as a solid LED screen yet from behind it maintains 70% transparency. Due to the configuration of the screen and the variance in pixel pitch Oi-LED opted for a custom software solution provided by MoxMedia, enabling Bill to run full screen content and split screen content in the right proportions, and all from the 1 media player. This was a great project with even better results. We would again like to thank Bill and the Team from Tsiknaris Hair for this opportunity.

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