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Oi 13 P6 Trailer Screen

Our clients tell us Oi13 is the best Big Screen they have seen and used. Pixel perfect 16:9 screen means your LIVE action images are always true – no distortion! Oi13 is built to travel, we have done events up to 1,000km from our BNE base.

Oi13 Trailer Screen is 4800×2700 (13m2), can raise up to 2m and rotate 360 which means we can always orientate the screen for optimum audience viewing. We designed and built Oi13 ourselves in Australia so its engineer certified. With matching Oi13 Trailer Screens in our fleet we can cater for audience sizes from 500 – 5,000. Oi13 is the complete big screen package with all operations and content options on board. Other clients have used Oi13 screen as TV, scoreboard, social media wall, product launches, cinema screen, gaming, LIVE production feed and streamed content. Having the highest quality led events screens is only half the equation, the other half is the expertise to deliver professional screen content solutions for your event. Planning is everything! Whether you need a multi-camera production and audio package or something simpler like FTA TV footy Grand Finals we will deliver, with no fuss or stress. If you’d like to know more or have any questions please get in touch – you can use the BOOK NOW link below to brief us on your next event.

Oi 13 P6 Specifications

Oi13 Specs

Advertising –Promotions –Launches -Events –Information -Activation


Physical Specs :
•6mm Pixel Pitch Screen
•Brightness 6.500 nit (Outdoor spec)
•Size 4800 x 2700  13sqm (perfect 16:9)
•Resolution 768 x 432 
•Max height above ground 4.7m
•Rotates 360 for optimum viewing
•Trailer footprint 7m x 4m (incl legs)
•Power requirement -1x 32A
Artwork Specs :
•Supply actual size 768×432 pixels
 •Videos, images, presentations, live feeds