Oi TP Transparent Poster

This new transparent LED screen technology offers all the benefits of a traditional solid LED screen with 70% transparency. Think of it like a venetian blind made of LED strips

Transparent LED products are very effective in retail environments where you don’t want to block viewing into or out of your store but still create a very attractive and eye catching advertising space. Transparent screens are a relatively new and exciting product. Unlike traditional solid LED panels, Transparent LED screens with up to 70% transparency still let light into your premises and maintain visual through the screen. Think of Transparent LED screens like a venetian blind with thin LED strips on one side. Transparent products are an excellent alternative to static one-way vision signage installed on windows – imagine the flexibility to advertise multiple products & offers, without the printing, installation or removal costs. Our transparent posters are a sleek brushed aluminium design, which looks great in any high end retail environment. Oi LED has Transparent Poster units for hire or sale.
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Oi TP Specifications

Oi TP Transparent LED Poster
Advertising –Promotions –Launches -Events –Information -Activation 

Physical Specs :
•5mm x 7mm Pixel Pitch Screen
•Brightness 5.500 nit (Outdoor spec)
•Sizes  192px x 192px (squashed)
•Power requirement 
– 1 x 10amp
Content :
 •Videos, images, presentations